IrisCall Telecom
All of your communications in the cloud
Old school communications is a thing of the past. Slowly, but steadily, communications have been taken over by messaging apps or VoIP applications for personal and business use.

Yet the majority of users worldwide are only slowly catching up with the concept of Cloud Communications.

IrisCall, with its integration possibilities and unified communication foundations is THE step forward to standardising cloud Communications in everyday life.

Cloud shouldn't be an option, it should be the way to go. Once you've used it, you'll never understand again why you haven't used it for the past 10 years.

IrisCall provides in both Telecom legacy products as well as focussing on providing products for internet access both at home and mobile.
Feature List
  • Your account on any device
  • Flexible telecom solutions
  • New digital media

Product List
  • .DSL with optional free landline subscription
  • Mobile telephony
  • Digital television
  • Corporate telephony
  • Unified communication integrations
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